What is Repurposing Content?

Repurposing content is taking old or new content and turning it into a different media format.

With video being the unchallenged #1 media format, it makes sense to make that your first choice.

Almost anything can be changed into video at a very inexpensive price including web pages, articles, blog posts, pictures, ebooks.


Video #1 Choice For Repurposing Content

The internet has changed. With over 50% of all internet traffic coming from Smart Phones, those long written pages and articles don’t work. Small Screen traffic can’t easily (or willingly) navigate through endless text pages.

For example, on a site were rated “Mobile Friendly” by Google with an enviable 2.5% bounce rate on desktops, laptops, 100% of Smart Phone visitors left immediately!

So when Google announced they would give ranking priority to sites favouring Smart Phone users….

Something Had To Be Done

Losing rankings and 50% of your viewers is a tremendous loss of business.

The rising star of video now 70% of all internet traffic and projected to be 90% by 2020, gave us the answer.

We would use video for repurposing content pages where they had:

  • good links,
  • good readership
  • awesome content
  • existing rankings

New content would be converted to video immediately.

For old content adding video would raise the rankings of those pages.

A little known fact is that the average age of a top ten result page in Google, is over 3 years. Older pages have more authority and trust from the search engines. It makes more sense to add a video to an existing page with that trust, than start new.

But realizing we weren’t alone with this problem


Video Is King


Including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by UP TO 80%!

64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video!

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others!

90% of users say that videos are helpful in their purchase decision-making!

H.D. Video is the Number 1 media for marketing today

Video is perfect for all Social Media, higher engagement, views and click thru's

Quotes From Around The Web

“Viewers retain 95% of a message watching it in a video compared to 10% reading text – Wordstream, Mar 2017″

“By 2017 online video will account for 74% of all online traffic KPCB.com/internet trends – May 2017”

“90% of consumers watch online video. Webtegrity.com – 2017″ “Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and 64% more purchase than other site visitors.”“Videos are seven times more likely to be shared by your viewers than just a photo. (7 times!)”

Where to use different videos

There Are A Variety Of Video Formats

Panorama or Landscape

These video formats should be used wherever you want a wide open vista. Common uses are travel, weddings, photographers, Realtor® tours and wherever you have high traffic in desktop or laptop traffic.

These are the YouTube preferred format. You can use square videos but they impose the potrait frame over them and you end up with those huge black bars. Youtube is moving toward the square video but for now Portrait is the preferred type.

Very visual.

This is a 1280×720 format.  Sample

Square Videos

Square videos are optimized for SmartPhone Screens. They are designed to cover the entire screen of the phone and are best used on social media platforms for advertising such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

Because they cover the entire screen they get significantly more attention, including higher viewer engagement and more clicks than other videos. We highly recommend them for repurposing content.

With smartphones now running at more than 50% of your viewers you can also repurpose your articles, web pages, posts and other media into a square video. Viewers with smart phones prefer this over trying to read long drawn out text pages.

720×720 format. Sample

Animated Videos

Animated videos score very highly on advertising or introductory videos. The action catches the eye of the viewer drawing them in. Animated videos are extremely expensive running anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 a minute to design. We use a series of animated videos that are pre-recorded with voice and music for short commercials. They are engaging and attractive but more important, only a fraction of what you’d pay to do one yourself from scratch. Highly recommended for social media advertising or even attach it to your daily posts.

Pauses in video give time for people to read your information

1280×720 format. Sample

White Board Videos (AKA) Doodle Videos

These type of videos are extremely engaging. People love watching the hands drawing the various parts of the videos. Like the animated ones above they are extremely expensive to produce from scratch. We also offer these in short pre-done commercial where we can insert your information. Highly recommended for social media advertising or even attach it to your daily posts or use it on your website to introduce yourself.

Pauses in video give time for people to read your information

1280×720 format. Sample

Text & Voice Videos

All videos we produce have voice and text available. It’s not always desireable however. Videos such as a Realtor® tour video don’t require much text. Perhaps an open house message or contact information, but everyone recognizes a kitchen. Labelling it is unecessary.

However our when a text message is included our software highlights the keywords automatically. Further we check those keywords and may add further highlighting or remove it. This has the effect of an additional message running through the video. Even if the customer is just skimming their minds are absorbing that message. Most videos only feature one sentence at a time so the message isn’t quite as obvious as the one above.

I’ve seen testing results showing that text based videos outperform voice based videos unless it’s  a complicated issue or product.

Voiceover videos are available. You can have a male or female or accented voiceover. Please contact us for costs beforehand. Different voice actors charge different rates but expect $20-$60 approx. We can also use your voice if you want to record it. Please contact us for details. There is an extra charge for cuing up the slides and your audio track.

Animated and Whiteboard videos have areas where text can be added. The voice and music are already added to most.

We do produce some Whiteboard clips with only music. These are advertising videos that are short, 30-45 seconds, and enaging enough without voice. It can be added if necessary.


We can also add short video clips anywhere through the Square or Portrait formats if you need them added.

With Animated or Whiteboard formats it can only be done at the beginning or end. In general there is no charge for this.