About Us

About Us

Handling close to 1500 websites can be a real challenge. With the constant search engine demand for new and exciting content to update our websites, I realized there was a real disconnect between new content and old.

Old material  wasn’t functioning well in an era of mobiles phones and tiny screens. Our stats for mobile visitors averaged between 0-15 sec.  Despite our sites being ranked mobile friendly, when viewed on a small mobile screen, reading anything lengthy and text based, is a chore.

Potential clients bail out before you can communicate anything important.

With 50% or more of viewers now using smartphones, it represents a huge loss of sales and missed business.

Obviously something needed to be done. Luckily the rising statistics of mobile users and their video consumption also gave us the answer.

It was then I realized it was as simple as turning old/new material into something (video) suitable for mobile viewers. I also recognized the need was extensive. A lot of other webmasters – site owners would need the same service.

But it had to be a done-for-you type of service, fast and inexpensive!

Thus Repurposing Content was born. I won’t bore you with the usual trials and tribulations that so many new services like to moan about when talking about their creation. I’ll just say, as always, it’s been an education.

That’s something I like about the internet. With something close to twenty years behind me it’s been a constant challenge to learn new materials, new formats and new ways of doing business.

I hope you enjoy our service and want clients to feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have feedback or a problem. I read and respond to EVERY email I get.



“Support   at  RepurposingContent.com Attn Gordon”



PhoneAlternatively please feel free to call me directly at

1-778-298-4479 Pacific Time zone M-F 9-5 (please Google the time zone difference from where you are. Support is definitely much more friendly after their first cup of coffee.)

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