Video Transcript Timing – NO – NO – NO!

One of the secrets of video marketing is Transcripts to tell the Search Engines about your video.

Search engines can’t read or listen to videos. Information comes from the keywords in the title and tags and video description. That isn’t much.

Like a written article, including a written file about the voice track or video text allows search engines to obtain more information,

With more information, your video will stand out against competing videos.

This is where timed  transcripts come into play.

The search engines read this text to get a better idea of the video and pick additional keywords.

This information is used to rank videos for your chosen keyword and (maybe) additional keywords.

A example video about Transcript Timing, could end up ranking for keywords:

  • “Transcript Timing”
  • “Transcript Timing Is A Bad Idea”
  • “Transcript Timing Kills Videos”

Is ranking for more keywords ideal?

Search engines use the additional keywords and timing to START THE VIDEO AT THE TIME THE KEYWORDS OCCURRED!

While you may get your video ranking for additional keywords, you may lose a lot of your intended marketing message.

Think of it this way.

You produce a professional four colour brochure for your clients.

Take that brochure, rip it in half and hand them the bottom half.

  • Will your message be the same?
  • Would you do that with a client?

Your video starting anywhere other than the beginning is bad business.

It’s something you need to carefully consider before including a timed transcript.

If your marketing Guru or IT people insist on a transcript, sit down and watch your video. Start with the various times and watch it from there.

Not a message you want see delivered?


You can still end up ranking for those additional keywords.

But it will start at the beginning and NOTHING gets lost.

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